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Technical Issues & General Questions

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Welcome to the New Fluenz Commons! We have just migrated to a new platform. This is a simplified version, and new adjustments will be visible in the coming month.

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    If I could add to this request, it would be great if the Flashcards were more consistent in the inclusion of pronouns.
    My understanding is that in Italian the use of pronouns is considered optional or not necessary except in instances of clarification where two or more parties are being referenced.

    There are a number of Italian flashcards where they just show up in a sentence, and you get the answer wrong if you aren't using the audio.

    I'm guessing the dialog was probably derived from the lessons and a big pain to have to go back and fix, but would be great if possible.

    Another enhancement idea would be to add the ability to suggest corrections on the actual Flashcards so they're easy for you to pinpoint, and you could monitor which ones receive the most feedback, etc.

    Still loving the flashcards- super beneficial - and still hoping I make it through them one day with zero errors....

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